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Of all the Phone Taps I have done, this is one of my favorite Elvis Duran and The Morning Show Phone Taps. I made this call around 2006 and it still seems.

Roy Moore’s Jewish attorney, give the President his phone back, please. We’d like to see the real action.

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Happy first day of Hanukkah to all my Jewish brothers sisters out there..

1. ) you know nothing about me or my life 2. ) you don"t know those things because I don"t talk to you 3. ) why the fuck would I 4. ) tweeting is now considered hiding behind your phone yes let me drive to your house to talk because you replied to me on twitter bro fuck off

Right about now, Roy Moore’s Jewish lawyer is pretending that Hannukah is one of those holidays where he can’t use the phone.

I’m in your phone as “my jewish queen” how did we miss that

He’s on the phone with his one Jewish lawyer

Apoplectic Roy Moore, screaming in his wife"s face, Get my Jewish lawyer on the phone!

His wife is trying desperately to get their Jewish lawyer on the phone tonight for a recount!

What a respectful holy man that Moore is. I’m sure he is on the phone now thanking his Jewish lawyer.