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Future appearances. Janelle Pierzina, James Rhine, Howie Gordon, and Kaysar Ridha returned to compete in Big Brother: All-Stars in 2006, where they placed 3rd, 7th.

Russell Hantz, the most notorious player in "Survivor" history and star of A&E's "Flipped Off," breaks down the world of reality TV, politics & the news. Become a patron and get bonus episodes, tickets to live events and access to much more at

Dick won against Zach in the final HOH. Just what the Jury members feared, the Donatos in the final 2. Zach was sent packing as the final member to join the jury. Tuesday the jury members will ask Daniele and Dick questions as they decide who should win the grand prize. What are your thoughts? […]

You know I will those 5 dollar movie nights are not over see ya soon brother

John Janelle was my Great Grandfather. My Father is the son of John's daughter Alice Janelle who married william O'Connell. My father lived with John Janelle and his third wife from approx 1933 to 1943. My father, Jim O'Connell, may be able to help identify some of the people in your picture. Would it pe possible for you to email me a copy of it. My email address is

Alright brother I respect you dont want to let me go outside since your own blood lust would go chaotic too. I guess we will have to wait +

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Copeland, Lawrence E. Age 61 of Bloomington, MN. Born November 6, 1955 in Geneva, New York to Lawrence E. and Eleanor E. (Kelly) Copeland. Survived by sons, Jonathan and Benjamin; mother, Eleanor; and sisters, Elizabeth L. Teasley and Carolyn A. Sirmans. Graveside service with honors on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 10:30 am ~ Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Gill Brothers 612-861-6088

Never ask your brother to make you a cup of tea because he WILL put salt in it.


Launch night! Woah. Stowaways, nepotism, spunk, rockets, coconut, roadkill, dodgems, tools, spy girls and comps, comps, comps.

Stories from The Hidden World of Girls with host Tina Fey: Nigerian writer Chris Abani tells about his English-born mother enlisting him at age 8 to be her translator in Nigeria as she travels door to door through the villages teaching women the Billings Ovulation Method of birth control. Plus stories from singer/actress Janelle Monae, […]

My brother tried to take over the world. I am so sorry. But I will end this. I will fix what he has done. Talk about weird.

They don"t have to. Neither brother will move unless they have me or someone like me with them. The least I can do is keep you from it.

Janelle537's review: "Mr. Peabody is the beloved elementary school teacher and baseball coach, who one day finds himself being treated differently when rumors spread through the small town become Tommy saw him take an apple. Mr. Peabody takes Tommy to a field and has him release a bunch of feathers from a feather pillow and then he tells him to go and find each one and bring it back. Tommy realizes that he should have thought or asked questions before spreading lies that Mr. Peabody doesn't pay for his apple each day."