Topics: Why would my new "best friend" get jealous of my prom date?

Occasional jealousy is natural and can even be motivating. But if you find yourself getting upset when seeing Instagram photos of clothes, jobs, or cars that you envy, you might need to work through this issue. Or maybe your jealousy is making you paranoid and causing problems with you and your significant other. Curbing these emotions can be difficult, but it’s often necessary to move forward and feel secure and confident. Work through your jealousy by addressing it, finding a new focus, and improving yourself. You got this!

Pls stop following me here this is usually only a ranting account but I"m using it cuz my main one"s suspended till 3 am

Guys this is Sarah and this is my second account I have to use this because I can"t tweet for 12 hours on my main account but at 2 am when I"m able to tweet on my main acc I will be posting a HUGE reveal ~ Sarah ( M )

That’s my problem my mind thinks Leeds play every day xx but here I am everyone gone to bed n I’m still sat in kitchen watching a film when I could be in room on a comfy chair watching same but I can’t be arsed moving lol xx

2017 has legit been the best year of my entire life, such an eye opening, I am very content where it has lead me.

Hi I"m autumn and I am struggling with my bipolar diagnosis

My belated Christmas present has arrived and I am thrilled! They"re so pretty

This spunky blonde is the sexiest cheerleader of our college football team, and since I am the team’s Captain, I invited her over to my place so she could show me the latest routine she had prepared for our next game. Man, I got so fucking hard watching her wiggling her juicy little bubble butt [.]

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