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Gerald Dempsey "Buster" Posey. Personal life. Posey married his high school sweetheart, Kristen, in January 2009. They had twins in 2011. Posey.

Фенербахче в последних 5 играх в среднем побеждает с разницей 9.2 очков, а команда Реал Мадрид в последних 5 играх в среднем побеждает с разницей 11 очков , лучшим вариантом для ставки будет:

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I know every time I see him tweet I’m just like is this real life or like are we on one big episode of punk’d

Как Я Стала ЛЕДИ БАГ! Леди Баг И Кот! Как стать Леди Баг?Мое утро ЛЕДИ БАГ. Макияж Ladybug.РОЖДЕСТВО. Новая серия. How I Became LADY BAG! Lady Bug And Cat! How to become a Lady Bug? My morning LADY BAG. Make-up […]

Yeah, you know what, I"m totally sober and watching Sailor Moon you don"t know my life

This is for raghava Lawrence sir.l like you so much in real and heroic. U are superr

But he thinks this instead of realizing this is real life, not a tv show! Sad!

- you’re real chill and know what the deal is.