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Johnny Depp is single, sober and still wondering what it's all about

Having relationships with legally aged women is not inappropriate. You need to get off this "feminist" roller coaster you are on.

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2017 is such a shit year for relationships lmao

Love in movies is the biggest lie, there is always that one who loves more and that one who does not care these r the facts of relationships♡

A whole language threatening relationships

It"s really awkward to discuss in specifics because of course a bisexual person is still bi if they"re in an opposite-sex relationship, but it can seem like they want to have a bi character without any same-sex relationships.

This is a hot-button issue in our household, Pat. My wife really wants us to get one of his products, but I refuse. is not only ruining the economy, it is putting a strain on relationships too.

We ain"t getting any younger, now learning to take friendships and relationships more seriously. There"s really nothing out there, being good to the people that are good to me is key