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Jen"s lofty standards are impossible for anyone to meet. A man making a lewd comment to another man in private, OR the same man thinking there is good in all types of people, are not disqualifiers. However, a man ( Clinton ) who rapes is despicable. Jen is comparing apples/oranges.

“No book is just one chapter. No chapter tells the whole story. No mistake defines who we are. Keep turning the pages that need to be turned.”

Speaking in Hyderabad, Akbaruddin termed Andhra Pradesh Police as an “army of impotent people”. He tried to incite the audience by challenging the Andhra CM to withdraw the Police and then see who is more powerful.

All I’m talking about is we won’t know for like 15 years who actually got the better end of the deal. And in five years nobody will even care. I just want to bring attention to the first round picks because nobody else is and it does matter

People who cannot use their own name on their twitter accounts I write off as not being credible. There is no accountability of what you say if you are to cowardly to put your name on your posts.

Am I the only Who thinks this is worse than a horror movie?

My face after finding out who the sugar man is. OH MY GOD