Topics: You are racist if you date within your race? How is that?

Didn't add up Countdown’s Rachel Riley admits boyfriend Pasha Kovalev was ‘not her type on paper’ when they met

My boyfriend is allergic to horses. I need to go to Aldovia and meet the Christmas Prince so we can go horseback riding in the snow.

My boyfriend is seriously the cutest person to ever live. I can’t even handle it.

My daughter doesn’t have a boyfriend but her and her friends were making up couple mashup names with boys in their grade. Luckily for her I like the kids family that she picked.

I am sooo blessed for my boyfriend. Amen.

Would you rather: never see your boyfriend again or never see Erin again?

My boyfriend loves me

Rewatching the Constantine series. My comic book boyfriend is so hot.

Can it be Dec 25 already I just really want to give my boyfriend his Christmas presents

My ex boyfriend was like that. Wtf.

Boyfriend brought chocolate cake.

My boyfriend has been asleep all day: ) ) ) ) ) ) I"m lonely

I’m that girl that never stops posting about her boyfriend but like how could I not??

So Amber said 120K of her money is unaccounted for in the account she share with her boyfriend. Her life is legit

My sister is on a cute little surprise date with her boyfriend I"m hiding under covers watching Family Guy. I"m not sure which is better.

This girl at my school just got engaged and said her boyfriend was going to propose to her on their Friendsgiving but then she got too belligerent drunk so he waited until the following Monday. Why do I feel like that’s my future too?

I don"t even like football I am so happy with the Liverpool score today, means I have one very very happy boyfriend.

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