Topics: How do you know when to stop persuing someone?

Stop (stŏp) v. stopped, stop·ping, stops 1. To close (an opening or hole) by covering, filling in, or plugging up: The tea leaves stopped the drain. 2. To.

Oh dear, here we go again, the when I was playing bowling by Swann, it"s easy why Moeen isn"t bowling very well, he"s not a out out spinner England need to stop thinking insisting that"s what he is? He"s a batsman that bowls a bit of spin

Sometimes acceptance will set you free. we always try to make people think were living a luxurious lifestyle when in reality were struggling. Stop that. Acceptance will bring you peace.

They should just take the stop signs down when it snows because my ass isn’t stopping.

When folks say Stop White People 2017 this is why.

I hate when I’m driving and vibing to my music and people keep callin my phone. Stop interrupting my music!

Also, lots of people rightfully tell others what to think and do when the person is romanticizing, or labeling themselves a race that they"re not. Try calling yourself Indian around a Native and see if they don"t tell you to stop it. Gypsies also have the right to call it out.

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Is it too much to ask for niggas to just man up and stop calling fouls every time they have the ball when we play pickup games?