Topics: How do I prove the date when taking a picture?

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I feel like you’d be one of those people that even when drunk is like “let me take care of you!! Don’t forget to brush your teeth!”

Typical questions asked at a new place. Типичные вопросы, задаваемые в новом месте.

Interesting take. My thought is that when I"m told no, the conversation is over. There are no after dinner drinks. Try harder next pitch.

As per. When gay people write poetry about religion they spill so muchhhh tea no one wants to hear I can"t take itttt

Haha, well I"ll have to take a mulligan on cleaning in WNC, but maybe when more money shows up at my door

You know who wins when you, a cat, and a dog all take a ringworm bath? No one. No one wins.

There are real costs for the feel good someone else can pay, everyone deserves help! When you give to someone you always take from another

No need care so much anymore. Don"t take anyone too serious when you are just their options

Gettin home and takin a shit on ya own toilet after a long day of work equivalent to when bitches get home and take their bras off.