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One place you won’t find Mayim Bialik? A mothers’ support group. The Big Bang Theory star opened up about her experience with competitive mothers on her Facebook vlog on Thursday, December 28. “When I was a new mom, 13 years ago, I went to a ‘mom’s group’ at a local retail store. I instantly felt […]

Baby on board! Robin Thicke‘s pregnant girlfriend, April Love Geary, took to Instagram to show off her 31-week baby bump in her underwear.  “31 weeks today! HOME STRETCH,” Geary captioned a photo of her bare baby bump on Thursday, December 28, via Instagram. 31 weeks today! HOME STRETCH A post shared by April Love Geary […]

My little man is a Month old today.Love you to pieces baby Zo. #Harts #MeAndMyYoungestMiniMe #FatherOfThree #Blessed . @enikonhart with the photo cred A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on Dec 21, 2017 at 7:32am PST Kevin Hart became a father for the first time 12 years ago. But somehow he had never changed […]


Im sad.this life is a waste of my time.i tried to help.i did everything i could and then i saw the ugly truth and the violence and cruelty.i cant handle this place.its disgustimg. May God have mercy on your souls.and mine

I just got me a queen sleigh bed and the manufacturer gave me a double headboard for free or did I mention he discounted the price for my sleigh bed. ‘‘tis the season for Ama sale

Alex was itching to ask her partner Ben a big, scary question. To muster some courage, she turned to an unexpected ally: a tiny stuffed lamb that can see the future.To join the conversation, go to! Sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.This episode is brought to you by Spice Islands, Casper Mattresses (code: LONGSHORT), GoGo SqueeZ, and Thrive Market. Use the promo codes at checkout for a special discount.

I had to write the prior entry because it was amusing.  And this part is not.  I’ve entered a whole new Alpha Gal realm that I wasn’t expecting, don’t want and have absolutely no idea what to do with. It started on November 29th.  I was at work, working an evening shift with a friend, […]

How many times I"ve heard, So a black person can [do X], but what if I [did X] can you believe how offended everyone would be? and I say, Yes.

Suffer WiFi disconnected issues quite often with my Google Pixel 2 XL on both 8.0 and 8.1 even after reset network. With same distance to router there is no issue with Pixel 1 and iPhones. Did a google regarding this issue and looks quite common. Please do the fix

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The pessimist in me says you’re a kick away from those in the indie game and a fumble away from losing the Tampa Bay game but we did going to Kansas City so the jury still play out for me but that’s football

Sorry did you have a point to make? Again, retractions are admissions that something was wrong and they usually involve corrections as well. Show me when Russian media has retracted one of their 47 different alternative MH17 theories.

JAMIE Redknapp’s ‘unreasonable behaviour’ was to blame for his marriage split from wife Louise, confirm court papers. They add that Jamie had “behaved in such a way that [Louise] cannot be expected to live with [Jamie]” and that the marriage had “broken down”. The divorce documents – filed by Louise – noted that Jamie’s ‘unreasonable […]

I hope so. I know that the technology exists to fake a whole thing, but whoever did this is pretty good.