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This is what happens when I try to take a picture of my cat she"ll be looking at me and I"ll click on to take a picture but it won"t take until like 3 seconds 4 seconds later and by that time the pictures gone why is your shutter time so long

In those moments it gets hard to remember what happiness feels like. Calm seems to have never happened. Satisfaction is out of reach like shit

Pretty awesome of those women showing the world what strong women really look like. They don’t need pink hats

При мне еврей назвал еврея жидом.
Kaк истинному жиду мне обидно.
Какой резон ему так называть?
Он тоже жид. Жиды отец и мать.

Нелепо слышать с уст по крови брата,
Мол, он не жид, а тот, вон те – жидята.
Мы все жиды. Еврей я. Этим горд.
Во мне живут миллион жидовских морд.

meet girls near me market

Более 10-ти лет мы сотрудничаем с крупнейшими tube-проектами уровня pornohub, youporn, xmaster и bravotube. Весь накопленный опыт мы воплотили в KVS – по-настоящему мощной и надежной системе.

Наш продукт – это результат сотрудничества и тесного взаимодействия с крупнейшими партнерскими программами уровня Serious Partners, Royal Cash, Idol Bucks. Удобная структура управления и защиты контента, безграничные возможностями монетизации и создания сетей сайтов – это только часть плюсов KVS.

You are what you choose to be. Never accept that you cannot change the path you are on if you don"t like where you find yourself in life. All that it takes is you making the choice to change it. Don"t allow that mental barrier to stop you from living the life you want to live.

There have been many audio recording applications for Windows Phone over the years - I even did a round-up here , around three years ago. Then there's the unimpressive Voice Recorder that's built into Windows these days. But what we have here is a bona fide Windows 10 UWP application in the field. Not only that, but Sound Recorder Hi-Res is full of bells and whistles. Don't try and record loud music though - there's no gain control!

I CANNOT stay up late anymore. I feel like my body aged 20 years in the past month! What. Is. The. Deal!

Прикрепленная новость.
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Notes, go home, you"re drunk. Ay ay ay. What happened to Apple? The QA is just not like it used to be. Bug submitted.

What people think rowing is like vs. What it’s actually like

Cause I know what real vs fake supreme bape and Gucci stuff like that is

OkCupid is facing a lot of backlash for ditching usernames in favor of real names. As TechCrunch noted, its app s Google Play and App Store pages are flooded with one-star reviews posted over the past month, complaining about the features the service.

Если у вас компьютер не стартует, не запускается или мигает лампочка на материнской плате, то это явно аппаратная проблема. Рассмотрим описание для её устранения.

Sadly it wasn’t until after I saw what her boyfriend actually looked like

Introduce the kink side slowly like, yeah I like it a little rough. When what I mean is I want to question your respect for me while you fuck me.

If I dress like a flower, bees will be drawn to me, but if I dress my bees like flowers, what will happen then?

What’s it like to have friends?

You just described my philosophy exactly in your own words. However, the HOW of that is where we might disagree or simply need to explore what that looks like.

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Can I say Monster , right now ( what tastes smells like the green one ). Makes my mouth water for a B.F.C., of Monster , too now. Ty

I dislike the fact that you"re looking down in your avi bc idk what your face looks like lol

Hey last day of 2017 what you"d like to say For me ?