Topics: Are all the men on internet cheaters? Who is honest person in this world?

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This rant includes OF COURSE USA MADE IS GOING TO COST MORE! but I actually don"t find my USA-made khakis cost more than the Vietnamese or Bangladeshi or whatever khakis I used to wear

I see. If one sex has been traumatized by another in their life it is difficult for some to separate the offender from others. Ex: I know ppl who came bk from Nam hating all Vietnamese bc they associate them with their PTSD. Distrustful of ALL for actions of some.I get your point

In the 70s when d Vietnamese refugees landed I remembered some countries shot on sight the boats. Here esp in Italy ppl sent life boats to tow them in. Power of Soros $. More than ever we should never surrender our right to arms

Phuc Vinh, Vietnam, we had to land and refuel, by hand w/ a hand pump. I looked over the revetment and saw a Vietnamese Soldier wrapping det cord around some metal. He goes to the front of the revetment and tries to lite it w/ a Zippo lighter! We didi’d fast outta there!

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Vietnamese German style? General Tso"s chicken is made in the USA.

It"s a question of magnitude - numbers of Vietnamese vs Muslims in the world. And, don"t forget, USA and UK helped spawn Islamic terrorism and continue to use it where it serves their interests.