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In my history, neither the students no the girls dating men older than high school had the life experience to really understand how exploitative those relationships were. Didn’t occur to us there was anything to tell on.

It`s always very nice to see 2 persons, who sincerely love each other. And it`s much more better when these couples are stylish. Here I show you Top 7 stylish couples today. Love is in the air!

Любовь и мода созданы друг для друга. Всегда приятно видеть 2-х влюбленных людей, но еще приятнее, когда эти люди стильно одеты. Я собрала Топ 7 самых модных и стильно одетых парочек в современном мире. Наслаждайтесь и любите друг друга !

At first when she was starting to put on makeup I was like wait aren't you gonna take off your makeup first but then I realized she already had. She said she was ugly... she's not !!!!

Omg I love this video can you do more like it like maybe take us a long for a spray tan or when you get your eyelashes done please and I turned on my post notifications ily

Telling your dating history yes/no?

My girlfriend of almost two years is still baffled by my dating history because it"s almost nonexistent. Prior to her I had no long-term relationships can count the number of dates I"ve had on one hand. My only explanation is that I"m picky knew what I was looking for.

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Pretty much Meadow’s dating history, all terrible. Noah was the WORST

English: Anglo-Saxon-Viking Coin weight. Material is lead and weighs approx 36 gms. Embedded with a sceat dating to 720-750 AD and minted in Kent. Origin is the Danelaw region and dates late 8th to 9th century. [public domain]