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Of course it"s the fault of the women, guys like Bolt can"t tolerate women

There you go. It was all the fault of the women. According to Bolt.

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Did Bolt steal this argument from Donna Karan women are asking for ir ?! What a tosser with a toothpick dick

I see the point Andrew Bolt makes- to get power we have to be given it - money and position gave Wienstein power- women used it for gain.

Attention men! Calling women females , especially when talking about sex or dating makes you sound like a Ferengi!

Bolt has a point. All those women spread their legs for him to gain an advantage and didn"t raise a complaint.

Its only fair Unless women only get preggers when struck by a lightning bolt or by Santas magic or some other abstract method of conception

Lol so he is saying it"s the women"s fault. WHAT an idiot bolt is

Appointing a few awesome women does not make up for the damage he has done to us.

Before The New York Times published its story exposing the many allegations of sexual harassment that have been brought against producer Harvey Weinstein, JAY-Z had been working with him and The Weinstein Company on a few documentary projects—specifically Spike’s Time: The Kalief Browder Story and an upcoming Trayvon… Read more.

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