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If you thought Kris Jenner would happily add Caitlyn’s memoir to her library, think again. “None of it makes sense,” Kris, 61, fumed to daughters.

Republican Roy Moore is a child molester! A 30 year old man dating 14 year olds is not ok. He needs to drop out of the race.

I also had the same problem. Here is how I have fixed it: You must set AssociatedUpdatePanelID programatically. So, in your Page_Load add something like: UpdateProgress1.AssociatedUpdatePanelID=UpdatePanel1.UniqueID; Does document formating works for you? Are ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, ContentTemplate,. tags underlined with red?

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Dating people with kids is not as bad as people me it seem either y"all just have this thing against the child"s mother or father off rip

Are we really debating this? 19 is NOT 14, maybe she was naive but the law says she was an adult. While I never liked Hugh Hefner dating 18 year olds it was legal. Laws in CA are a hard 18. Doesn"t matter if she is 17 year"s 364 days 23:59 mins old touching her is illegal.

How about a normaly hello.htm? if same, most likely anonymous user password out of sync, anything in event log? can you reset it - iusr_computername account at computer management, then go the web site property, directory security tab, access.. then reselect the iusr account and type in the new password.

Are you purposely dense? Dating a teenager is not stat rape and you know it. I"m not saying he"s not guilty, but the other women said they dated him and kissed him, that was it. The 1 claiming molestation has been tied to DNC, so yeah, it gives me pause.

I am all for honesty on dating apps, but I’m not sure that “I have a huge collection of crocs” is ever going to get you the result you’re looking for, sir

Hi there, is it possbile that you are running a SBS Server with WSUS onboard? This could mean that there is somthing wrong with the WSUS Service. Otherwise check if you can access the windows update sites in the browser of the client.

You are using this in your aspx
onclick= return btn_onclick() and you c# function name is btn_Click so change your c# function name to
btn_onclick and remove return from you aspx
as: C#:
public void btn_onclick(object sender, EventArgs eArgs) and aspx: onclick= btn_onclick()

We’re not dating, but you’re still mine.

I guess you have set up a static homepage but forgot to assign the latest posts to the 'blog' page. Instructions on how to do the same can be found at

Hi there. We have a SharePoint 2013 server. Server uses OWA server by now with now problems.
If we try to open a visio document from document library in OWA the error appears:
But we are able to open it in VISIO. We have tried with deleting VISIO service on SharePoint central administration and recreate it, but that did not help. bostjanc

“What’s wrong, ” Trish gasps between slightly delirious chuckles, “is that Jessica and I are fucking dating. And none of you noticed. If anything screams “I’m not straight, ” that does. Being in a relationship. With another woman.”

Eww Evee it does not suit you! That"s why you"re not dating anyone yet!

When I think of actually dating someone I always ask will this dude sit down and have fun with my best friends. My friends are assholes. If you can survive them, you can fuck wit me.


using the.NET plugin template Which template exactly? There are a few different versions of it floating around, some of them being pretty old. The most recent and currently maintained is located here.

For my country there are some item are tax exempted. For example, item with tax it is applicable for member to have additional 3% discount. But for now the non tax item is it still add the discount. Is it possible to not discount the item? thanks in advance :)