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The Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) is a strong central agency growing the Queensland economy and championing the interests of business and industry.

The Enhanced F88 (EF88), the ADF’s new service rifle has just completed its first full operational deployment, winning the confidence and praise of deployed personnel. Taken by Task Group Taji 5 troops to Iraq as part of Operation Okra, the EF88 has proven itself in the extreme heat and the harsh dusty conditions of Iraq without issue. Major Timothy Soper, the Officer Commanding Task Group Taji Logistics Company, said the EF88’s superior accuracy, robustness and weight identified during testing and trials has been confirmed in its first full operational deployment.

If I were single, I sure wouldn"t be spending any time online lol you guys are crazy

Guys. I"m in the ladies room at work because I really had to deuce and the men"s stalls were all open. Don"t worry. It"s a single seater and the door locks. But someone just knocked. How do I respond. Asap.

XXXIV World Championship WPC. World Champions Cup AWPC / WAA Moscow, the 1-5th of November, 2017

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As nearly 40,000 Queenslanders wait to see a specialist in the public system, Labor has announced a $145 million cash injection in a bid to reduce the time Queenslanders spend on the "waiting list for the waiting list".

Thank you for your lovely comment. Saunders Beach is undoubtedly a beautiful part of the world - as is your Corio Bay. PS Go the Cats!

Yea except every single thing any of you have attempted to Boycott ended up proliferating. Yea you guys really know how to make a company successful by breaking what you own and buying it again.

Cowboys fever is ramping up in Townsville in north Queensland in anticipation of Saturday night's elimination final against the Cronulla Sharks. Meet some of the fans who will be cheering the Cowboys to victory.

Joke, These guys do not understand that there are 1700 football players ready and willing to step into their cleats and play ( they would be honored ). In my opinion the product would be the same without all the drama. Get rid of every single person who will not stand for the flag

But let’s be real, before that, there wasn’t a single WR that consistently outperformed him in every facet of the game. There were better route runners, guys that were faster. Nobody was better at jump balls. Nobody was as much of a scoring threat.