Topics: Is SNSD's Tiffany and 2PM's Nichkhun dating?

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[rumor] Taeyeon confesses her love of Yoona and Tiffany was shocked YoonTae lives another day

Ikr!! I"m soooo into Oh Na Na Rumor, gregeeet.

[rumor] tiffany and taeyeon are dating

It"s the head of security for Tiffany"s. There is a store in the lobby of Trump Tower. That"s what the rumor mill says.

Rumor has it, I"m pregnant! News to me, who wants to grab a beer to celebrate?!

Head of security Tiffany"s at Trump Tower. Rumor is he Melania are very good friends. Likely fake news, but plenty of to compete w/

There"s rumor he is Melania"s boyfriend. Head of security at Tiffany"s in TrumpTower.

This rumor about Mountain Dew discontinuing is a lie ladies and gentlemen don"t believe the hype

One transfer rumor finally laid to rest.