Called "Factions," The Last of Us online multiplayer mode aligns you with one of two factions: Hunters or Fireflies (their roles are explained in the single player campaign).

This initial selection is permanent, and cannot be changed until either completing the "story" that frames the entire multiplayer experience, or having your clan wiped out.

To grow your clan, you'll need to win multiplayer matches while collecting supplies and completing objectives. Every match progresses the story one day forward, and you'll see your population rise and fall based on your success and failure.

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Matchmaking translation in English-Russian dictionary. Glosbe.. The act or process of locating suitable players to take part in a multiplayer game session.

I"m officially done with COD. Your matchmaking sucks. Your hit markers suck. Ppl see me with full mountain skill upgrade. I win your servers said host told us to kick you have that on video.

Xbox one X, US, long matchmaking times

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Add matchmaking for nightfalls and raids. Stop being stubborn, you guys make it such a pain in the ass for people that dont have time to spend hours trying to find random people for a group. You guys have a clan, but no clan chat. At least give us clan chat.

Hey Jeff, just wanted to let you guy"s know the matchmaking fix is not working for BF1. I"m still constantly getting in US servers via quickmatch even tho i"m from Europe.

Keep the 2006 matchmaking going and give us Guida vs. Tibau.

I miss wars but fix matchmaking and give us clan perks stop those silly silly ideas

Can somebody plz put us in the matchup bro we rank 82 I need them matchup games cause this matchmaking shit ass