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Wait, so if I commit a crime get a harsh sentence by an antisemite then get my sentence communted by Hashem through Mr. Trump, come out of prsion W/ Emunah Bitachon, I will also be on the cover of every single English language frum weekly ?

Seriously? This comment is stupid, get a grip. It is almost 2018 and there are much bigger issues than the cover of a magazine.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures gripping the city, a vigil for the baby found dead in a northwest Calgary parking lot has been postponed until Jan. 3.

I think you"re being extremely harsh towards Jessica, like she made the decisions here! Why don"t you direct your anger and /or frustration at the magazine?

I"m fuming. A woman with a deep cleavage in a magazine mum said it"s her own fault if she gets raped. I smacked mum"s shoulder said some harsh words. Not proud of that, but just got so angry. Tried to discuss it, but it"s like hitting my head against a brick wall.

Body shaming in a magazine but it"s just so harsh ( see screenshot ) and merry Christmas to you too joj they"ve been waiting 8 years or so for that blooming snow from usxxxx

Bit harsh, I meant spot on

Shivering, snowbound cities are scrapping their outdoor New Year’s Eve countdowns. Polar-bear plunges are being canceled because of fears of frostbite and hypothermia. Winter-hardened towns are gaping at their new lows: 32 degrees below zero in Watertown, N.Y. Minus 36 in International Falls, Minn. Visual aid showing how to distinguish between climate and weather, using [.]

Wow. That’s so harsh!!! What magazine is this?