Topics: I'm in a dilema (Team Fortress 2 on STEAM or XBOX)?

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

Hello everyone CSGO Full can now be purchased for 3 months TF2 Full can now be purchased for 1 year. Those deals are made especially for you guys so you can save money Enjoy

So, I would suggest to him we try something else out, like a fighter, or a couch co-op, but he would always tell me to play it myself so he could go on random servers on TF2 and keep playing.

Tf2 servers just kick me for going 40 -2 with the sniper.

Can Please fix the damn TF2 wiki servers so they"re not down all the time and not all slow

For those interested.. 'Build 3 0' is used to activate the electro sapper. It is similar to engineer build commands. It was 'build 4' on the older server software.   I use the script to bind my electro sapper to a mouse button 4.   Freefrag servers are the ONLY servers that have a problem with this command. I really like the people on the Freefrag servers but find having to change my gameplay annoying. Is there a reason your servers don't respond to this script? Are you running current software?

Why cant i connect to any tf2 or gmod servers this is shit

So there are currently Aimbot programmed bots in TF2 specifically on KOTH servers that are named valve remove vac and they spam various shit in the chat. And the biggest thing that annoys me is that they are mostly on my fave map Suijin. Valve Please Fix!

Looking forward to Brewmaster, Chaos Knight, and Dirge a lot. I'm sure Dirge is a ways away though, which is sad.

I do have a lot of fun in the game, but most games seem to be either Stomp, or Get stomped. It's beta, but the MM seems really bad right now.

This patch was nice, a lot of bugfixes. I imagine release isn't to far away, they seem to be focusing on the shop stuff right now, and I imagine when that's ready, we'll see release.

I was Q3/QL player, there was only mouse button to "ready" for next game after first match ended. But there in Quake Champion I dont know how to continue at the same servers with others guys.Every time after match game kick me back to the Quake menu.Thank you for advice.


Heads up: I"ll never ask for your items in-game, and I almost never announce when I"m recording. Apparently someone"s been trying to impersonate me on all kinds of TF2 servers.