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AGENDA: INIZIATIVE, SCADENZE, COMUNICATI. September 18-21, 2018, Mombasa (Kenya), IAME 2018 conference (International Association of Maritime Economists) "Sustainable.

Lundi 16 octobre 14:00-15:00 - Auditorium, Central Building, ESRF - 71 avenue des Martyrs - Grenoble ISDD Seminar Series More information : Contact :

une chaine qui regroupe des courts métrages de tous les styles : animations, films d'auteurs. c'est le complément de vous pouvez soumettre votre court métrage aussi sur le site !

1950 Lagonda 2.6-Litre Drophead Coupé Project
Registration no. JUK 111
Chassis no. LAG/50/335 *Rare soft-top Lagonda
*Present family ownership since 1958
*Off the road for circa 35 years
*Offered for restoration

The Secretary-General of NATO said this on October 9th, speaking in NATO member Romania, right across the Black Sea from Russia’s region of Crimea (which had always been part of Russia except for the brief period 1954-2014, when the Soviet dictator arbitrarily transferred Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 — i.e., the Soviet dictator had made Crimea ‘Ukrainian’, and only in 2014 was a plebiscite actually held there in order to determine what the people there wanted, and more than 90% chose to be restored to the Russian Government).

We need to increase the speed of sustainable investments, keeping up pace with the roadmap Agenda 2030 an the Paris Agreement

Why are these guys not representing SA in the Paris to Dakar race? No breakdown will stop them from going full speed ahead.

Research has shown that organizations worldwide are recognizing the strengths that introverts can bring to leadership positions. Britain, on the other hand, continues to favour exclusively extroverted personalities in its C-Suite. Desautels professor Karl Moore maintains that, as millennials enter the workforce in droves, an introverted approach to leadership, which uses active listening and analytical thinking for problem-solving, is most effective.

From August 28, stations on the EPFL-UNIL campus will be closed in order to conduct the necessary renovation work of the Lausanne/Morges network. As of this date, passes for EPFL students and staff members will not be valid on the whole Lausanne/Morges network.

The bike-sharing network will reopen on November 30. More information here.