Topics: 1984 Subaru BRAT GL 4X4 4-Speed - Bring a Trailer

The car underwent cosmetic refurbishment after it was purchased by the Subaru dealer in 2002. It was repainted in the original Ruby Red, and numerous new plastic pieces and trim were installed along with a new windshield. The seller notes that the finish has some chipping on both doors and the trim around the bed is bumpy.

Twin jump seats are present in the bed, though the seller notes that the mounting frame is rusted at the base of the handles and will need replacement before the seats are used. The factory 8-spoke wheels were chrome plated during the cosmetic updates and are mounted with Bridgestone tires. This example is equipped with T-tops, which are shown is the raised position in the gallery.

This example was originally fitted with a beige interior, but both seats were reupholstered in grey during the cosmetic freshening. Assorted trim panels were swapped to match the new seat fabric, and grey vinyl paint was applied on other surfaces. The seller notes that the steering wheel and the shifter knob have spots where the original beige coloring has begun to show through.

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