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1. bridge castle front,
2. deck containers,
3. foremast and mast top,
4. forecastle,
5. insulated containers in holds,
6. container refrigeration ducts,
7. double hull,
8. passageway,

IMO no    8915691
Name    Nedlloyd Europa
Gross Tonnage    48508
Net Tonnage    19254
Deadwt Tonnage    50620
Year when Built    1991
Engine    41615 hp Sulzer
Ship Builder    Mitsubishi H.I.Nagasaki Japan
Speed    23.5 knots
Yard Number    1184
Dimensions    266.30-32.24-23.25
Depth    12.50
Vessel Type    Container Ship
Call Sign    PGDF
Containers    3604 teu
Flag    Neth.
In Service    1997

2. flush deck fitting, flush deck insert, flush foundation, circular foundation, stud bushing with plugging screw, screw plug,
5. socket, base stowing plate, base (… to be used with 21)
15. U-frame, shoe fitting, dovetailed base, companion fitting, dovetailed foundation (… to be used with13,17)
22,24. keyhole inserts (sunken, flush, raised),

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