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Southerners love their barbecue, and you’re going to find some of the best barbecue in the country in the heart of Texas. We expect this driver frequents a barbecue joint or three per week.

These University of Texas at Austin fans aren’t letting their expat status keep them from proudly sporting “Hook ‘em Horns!” on their car and furry friend.

We can’t always help it if our casserole took a little long to cook or our hair took extra time to tease; we’d rather be tardy than ill-prepared.

Hookup numero 2 happened a few days later. I had just had a taste of dick and I wasn’t done.

5. AIDEN NADIA smoke weed and hook up.

If anyone comes across a set, hook me up

Remote temperature and humidity sensors. Though the Nest is a little easier to hook up.

  • SoCal Salty Год назад +4

    +Richard von Stein I guess you need an animation with big pink string or something?

  • Santa brought me a crochet hook with a light on it. ; ) Not sure I"m liking my hat. Messed my count up somewhere and bow it"s looking weird.

    I’m coming with, can hook up a round of golf at the 19 ranked course in the country, if you play golf

    My room about to be lit. God bless to whoever they decide to move in with me, you’re getting the hookup lol

    Is there a way you could hook me up with some of the stances socks from last year and old gear??

    So I found out his name is MannyTwitter this one fucking time do your thang and hook it up