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I have a Sony VPCSA490X laptop computer in which I use the Sony port replicator (docking station) – I recently purchased two (2) Dell U2410 monitors – How do I hook up the monitors so I can utilize them in a dual monitor application (in digital). The docking station has one (1) HDMI port and on (1) VGA port; each monitor has one (1) DisplayPort Connector, one (1) HDMI Connector, one (1) DVI Connector-1, one (1) DVI connector-2 and a VGA connector. What cable or components do I need?

Hello Gl1960,

To configure Dual Monitors, connect the 2 monitors using a VGA cable to connect one monitor and an HDMI cable to connect the other. To setup the dual monitor, please refer the article on How to Setup Dual Monitors.

Please write back for further questions.

Thanks & Regards
Allan D
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