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A small city that packs a big punch, Exeter is one of the most vibrant, attractive and historically interesting cities in England.

Pre-dating the arrival of the Romans in AD 50, Exeter’s history is rich and long. This is reflected in its fascinating visitor attractions including its unique Underground Passages , free Red Coat Guided Tours , magnificent Cathedral , imposing Roman wall and beautiful Quayside. Exeter is also home to the award-winning Royal Albert Memorial Museum where visitors can explore the city’s 2,000-year history under one roof!

What is wrong with this.?. She is just quoting a billionaire. who never had to file for bankruptcy. This isn"t Fox where it is slow pitch softball.

He builds up the crowd"s energy then plays a slow jam cardinal sin of dj"ing.

Slow day ? You have a Cardinal on talking about the tax cuts. He’s in the church and they pay NO taxes. Who cares what he thinks

It is almost like Matheny is trying to slow the game down to his speed rather than catching up to the actual pace of the game. Pitching changes too late, not anticipating opposing pinch hitting matchups, poor defensive choices, hoping for a home run rather than making a run.

At Christmas Eve mass our priest said “Christmas is just beginning. Slow down. Believe. Keep your tree up for a while. And listen.” Best homily I’ve heard in a long time.