Topics: shatakshi and prabhjot dating

shatakshi and prabhjot dating

Ohk I am seeing that the no limit is uplifted and we can give and share all the Bullshit. So happy to see that and more Happy to see how many ppl will give what in their tweets. Btw nice thing. Still got words to fill wtf. Now it"s tooo much!! Still left! Ok it"s Headache.

Delhi pollution is a serious issue. We expect govt. to take action and when they do, we ruin it. ( If we remember ) this is the reality and we have to change. We before anyone.

Prabhjot and shatakshi were too innocent for the show. They were nit splitsvilla material. Subuhi fukked them lol.

Finally the Deserved got the reward. The uniqueness and hard work you put into your films is unquestionably relevant. Congratulations, John.

And that"s an impactful, hard hitting debate

And then there are people who love playing the victim to circumstances they created themselves

Too busy soaking in the Roman Empire and The World War II right now

Yea mello plz ur fans are dreamin bout you day and night

In life, surround yourself with people who are a source of reducing your stress and not the cause of it

I tend not to breathe when I am anxious, or I am stressed, and if I have done a crappy shit. Which I did, right now.

i need a free dating site pictures

Really sorry i can"t, even though he"s a celeb, he"s my crush, and he liked my reply

Hi. And yea i do love him more than i love anyone