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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: The Complete History of Robsten From Twilight to Her Snow White Hookup

2k18 robsten will rise again

Make Butch, Butch again!

I don’t want Demi and Jesse to date bc I would ship it and I don’t want to be wrecked. I’ve had enough of shipping someone hardcore and go through all these emotions again

Vote, vote, vote and then vote again for Robsten!They deserve to win!let"s make them happy!!:D

Aldub is like robsten all over again hahaha the girl wrecking havoc over social media. Just because of a slip in judgment. Lie low on social media and on tv, and then emerge here there looking forlorn. Then get seen w/ Alden all kissy kissy. Problem solved.

Me too i also want robsten to re-unite again: (

They do a lot of work for charity so again shows what you know which is nothing. Bye Felicia