Topics: What are all of the different medals you can get during matchmaking in halo 3?

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Though we"re constantly working on improving matchmaking, can you give us some more details on why you think it"s broken?

We"re always working on improving matchmaking, but don"t forget that tiers don"t always reflect MMR and it varies by queue.

Riot pls fix ur matchmaking system during the preseason I’m tired of having sub level 30s on my team and two plats on the enemy team

There"s no matchmaking factor to match you with players who int. Looks like your team was having a tough time that game! : (

I barely take aram games seriously but lately most of the games feels completely one sided/unplayable, I wish riot changes up the champion matchmaking but ¯\_ ( ツ ) _/¯

It would be great if riot would fix their matchmaking. Idk why I"m against low diamonds and high plats when my entire team is low gold, silver or unranked.

Hey it"s not your fault that Riot"s matchmaking system is the biggest joke since Trump got elected president, AND our ADC left the game ^^

We getcha now; matchmaking is not based on a player"s Rank as much as it"s based on MMR, so you can have varying ranks in a match.