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The only thing killing ( on PS4 ) for me these days is the matchmaking. There"s only 2500-3000 people online at any given point and it takes forever to find a match.

COME ON When are you going to tune your matchmaking !! I"m tired of these unfair games I"m put in. Match me with equal skill not rank

The MP isn"t dead or at least that isn"t the main problem rather the matchmaking system is terribly designed which results in long match times despite how many would be searching. Essentially, there could half-a-million players searching and the system would just not match them.

Perhaps if there was a way with matchmaking to only match those prestige players against each other, this would be an ok line of thought, but would be difficult because champs are chosen after matches are made.

Made any recent changes to matchmaking? I noticed that I can now occasionally match into games in European/US Servers but only after 30 minutes of search time ( most of the time ). Many searches ( Majority ) lasting a full hour still come up empty at peak times. Region:Asia