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Plans to extend the standard gauge railway (SGR) from Naivasha to Kisumu have started taking shape after the State submitted an environmental impact assessment report.

The Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) is seeking approval for the project that will cost about Sh370 billion ($3.59 billion), funded by the Exim Bank of China.

The 255km-line is the third phase of the SGR, that is set to push the total cost of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration pet project to Sh847 billion.

The worst thing about film school was having to watch Woody Allen movies! Full of white classist privilege, his character dating women way out of his league after practically stalking them, and his one dimensional female characters who are, as my gf says, “walking stereotypes”!!

I thought heechul and his female friends thing was hardly ever creating dating scandals, so this latest outrage sounds like people getting into kpop 3 seconds ago thing

Go eat, drink and kvetch with my bad ass female friends ( feminist/humanist dudes are welcome, too ). Or maybe just open a dating app and furiously swipe left on 99.99% of dudes while cursing under my breath: F*** off!

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Also, his character dating an underage female in Manhattan. My film course made us watch it and I was like, Meryl Streep, why you in this?!? Thankfully, she has not been in another one of his films.

Dating a female Doctor/Nurse is not romantic at all. When she looks straight into your eyes instead of seeing love, she sees Malaria

Dating a jealous lady can be stressful. You will hear somethings like Baby I saw the female lecturer smiling after you answered her question.why?