Topics: Questions for online dating experts?

Jehovah's Witnesses have very strict dating rules. The more zealous a Jehovah's Witness is, the more serious they are about the dating rules and proper etiquette.

Casual dating for example, is not ok. The purpose of dating is marriage. Jehovah's Witnesses who date are ready, willing, and able to marry someone. They are seriously looking for a mate.

Before they start dating, they must be in a position to get married, - spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. e.g. parents would not likely let their under age son or daughter date if they don't have a job and are still going to school.

The apparent suicide of a DJ leads Nikki to question her judgement on a similar case from her past. Is there a copycat killer out there - someone who is forensically aware and possibly medically trained? CAST: Emelia Fox.

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I was taken aback today when someone in an online D D game said they were genuinely offended by an alliance member wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. In the UK, I"ve had Christmas wishes from Muslims, Atheists, a Jehovah"s witness. How hard is it to say, thanks, you too.