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No no no he said he broke up with the US wali ! He said he was Dating Divya when he was doing IVs for BB till a month Back !

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Only ignorant people believe tabloid bullshite. Congratulations. You might want to check out all the stories of closeted men "dating" females etc written by tabloids only to find out when their contract ends, they come out of the closet. but no, you"d rather be ignorant.

No zane, we’re not dating.

Dating someone who already had a kid you gotta understand that your needs don"t come first, bm/bd does cause at the end of the day that"s family no matter what

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Like Betty was dating Archie or he was her ex, Veronica kissed him then backed off when her and Betty got closer, Betty has no excuse for going after Archie she will be going after her best friends ex and THAT is violating girl code completely