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Of course, there is no official group under legalistic auspices btw UK Commons/Lords guerrilla!

A court has ordered a 15 year old student to repair the sword hilt on the La Valetta statute in Valletta after damaging it through negligence. The student, who is Russian, broke the hilt after attempting to climb onto the statue, using it to support his arm. The student pleaded guilty to the offence and was ordered to  pay €1,750 in repairs and was conditionally discharged for one year. The court was presided over by Magistrate Joe Mifsud. Photos by Baskal Mallia

Six-year-old Krishna suffers from Thalassemia Major, a severe genetic disorder that causes excessive destruction of red blood cells for which he needs blood transfusion every 21 days. As he grows older, the time-frame will reduce.

A50 default UK becomes 3rd country with no deal March19. Doing this will undermine UK place in legal order of global economy. EU knows this.

No it’s ur fiat care team that showed fiat don’t care so I’m now letting anyone interested in buying a fiat know how they will be treated

Wow. 4th attempted delivery in a week and another failure! No reply to social media. 30+ min wait for call centre.

Hi Sarah, thank you for the details. Upon speaking with the depot it does seem that the delivery has been allocated a time slot but no date

Gov"s real agenda is a No Deal scenario with the EU irrespective of the economic impact then to gloat the UK is a truly independent country