Topics: Name three igneous rocks?

Is Dating Really Important? Index For This Page: I wish this page was unnecessary. Because of the distortions and lies spread by fundamentalists about scientific.

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Great discovery indeed Africa is home of human kind most ArcheoPaelontolgy findinds have proven however Dating Methods and accuracy as well Innovation remain a setback in when Mrs Ples first discovered it was 2.1m yrs later 2.5M YRS

And yet serval dating methods show they are millions of years old

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Dear Mr. Owen, Thanks for writing to ABR. Regarding the location of Mount Sinai, about the only thing Mr. Jacobovici got right that it IS in the Sinai proper. The Galatians 4:25 reference should not be equated with modern day Saudi Arabia. See two articles by Gordon Franz here: Hope this helps--Henry Smith

Of course. All of the radiometric dating methods in use confirm it. It"s also in line with the Day/Age theory. No quarrel there.

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There are different kinds of dating methods and some are accurate in ranges well beyond 6000~ years, but are inaccurate in that range. You"re ignorant on the ideas you"re trying to debunk. Educate yourself before you argue.

Well done to entire team Fauna Analysts, Archaeologist, Anthropologists and Paeolontologists and excavators and hope after discovery we will one day have dating methods which are accurate

My mom told me she does understand my generations dating methods and I was just like same

Carbon dating is only valid back ~50, 000 years.Even if it was NEVER correct, it would not b relevant here!There r many dating methods, they r used 2 calibrate check each other.C"mon, is it really that hard?Science has massive body of evidence, bible has itself child indoctrination.

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Hey, dude, I"ve forgotten more than you"ll ever know about radiometric dating methods. Been studying them for more than 4 decades. What do you know about them? College non-science classes, perhaps? Or only HS drivel?

Good question. I read something about it and I think it"s a combination of several methods, like radiometric dating from several different radioactive clocks, as well as dating the geological layer where the bones was found- but maybe someone better informed than I can elaborate.