Topics: Obese Philadelphia mother gets revenge on cruel ex.

Used 2016 Honda Pilot Yonkers NY Bronx, NY #U18545 - Duur: 1:00.

Used 2016 Honda Pilot Yonkers NY Bronx, NY #U18545 - Duur: 1:00.

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I just want someone to play with my hair and rub my back until I fall asleep

I"m more excited to do someone else"s hoco hair makeup then I am to do my own.

Can someone take off my makeup for me sos

Wow, that is well travelled! I"m always here if you want someone to chat to! Just pop into my DM"s : ) x

I really want to go to my graduation formal with someone I Stan

I need to find myself someone who will play with my hair till I fall asleep

I guess being happy is not for me someone must really prayed on my downfall

Sitting in my car Tweeting to a backdrop of loud Dr Who music played by someone outside on the pavement. Never a dull moment in

Someone on my train smells like TCP - it"s giving me root beer cravings!

I just want someone who can kiss good like take my fucking breathe away pls

Lmfaooo when someone new gets in my car for the first time and says can I connect my phone for music um it was made in 2005 you freak??