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JANE LARKIN: Last week was the twentieth anniversary of the death of the charismatic Lubavitcher leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Rabbi Schneerson inspired followers to reach out with unconditional love to all people–including non-Jews. He grasped the importance of acceptance of all individuals and how engagement can influence people’s choices.

You’ve missed these lessons. By rejecting your children’s partners, you’ve lost the opportunity to influence your kids’ families through exposure to Jewish life, and by choosing strict adherence to a religious norm over unconditional love, you have given up the chance to have meaningful relationships with your children and grandchildren.

I will tell you that, as a jew, if a couple, a Jew and non-Jew, came to ask me to bake a cake for their wedding, I"m not sure I would. Perhaps that"s a better parallel, since interracial marriage means nothing to my religion.

I am not a Jew, neither am I a Gentile ( a non-Jew ). Even better, a new man in Christ Jesus. I am of the Seed of Abraham -which is Christ. I am of Love, my God is Love. I am blessed with Abraham in Christ. I bless the Jews for they are my brothers by covenant.

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I personally don"t buy into the prophesy stuff I"m sure my friend and many of my fellow Christians would. What I do see is in charge of the ONLY functional Democracy in the region, with many non-Jew Arabs in positions of power there.

You will never understand my perspective as a non-jew in the Jewish community as you are not that is the best.

I"m trying to wrap my head around the notion of a non-Jew presuming to tell actual Jews when their holidays should take place.