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The Resistance Strikes Back [Dec. 9th, 2017| 10:45 am ] yakov_a_jerkov Посетители трамповского rally во Флориде

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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2017| 09:40 pm ] yakov_a_jerkov

Get out and vote for Roy Moore.

-- President Trump

No shit! [Nov. 26th, 2017| 09:54 pm ] yakov_a_jerkov Редкое утверждение, с которым могут с энтузиазмом согласиться как сторонники, так и противники Трампа.

GOP senator: Trump s moral authority isn t compromised by backing Roy Moore

A lot and I mean A LOT of these dating do and don’t rules were created solely for keeping up appearances. Cause back in the day your mama and nem mama didn’t wanna be the gossip cause ya mama and daddy shacked up

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The rules for dating my daughter? Ask her.

I’m not gonna write a fucking instruction manual on the rules of dating heroin addicts

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Sometimes The Rules are so hard to follow

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