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If you"re not my bestfriend or we arent officially dating I"m so bad at texting back. I don"t even know why though.

No no no. No matter if we’re talking texting or dating or together u can’t look breathe or touch another girl or all ties are cut

Perks of dating me, won"t ever have to worry about who is texting me because no one text me

Dating and relationships in this generation is so annoying everything is all about phones and texting and social media it"s weird I can"t

We either friends or we dating. I don’t “talk” to no one since y’all don’t know the difference between talking and texting

Whoever Anthony Joshua is ‘dating/texting/seeing’ is one lucky girl u know

People aren"t dating anymore, they"re just texting, catching feelings, sleeping together and ending up in a situationship