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We learned of the Alligator Lake Recreation Site and RV Park earlier in the year, but had trouble getting valid information. I'm finally able to add the information about this recreation area to the website!

Alligator Lake Recreation Sites and RV Park is operated by Fort Polk in Louisiana. There's a small RV Park located there, with elecrical hook-ups and plenty of tent sites. They also rent boats and have great fishing on the lake.

Their plan to secure Middle Eastern sites for nuclear plants with Russia with our Military service personnel is the last straw, he is the domestic enemy that we swore an oath to defend against when we entered the Service this can not be allowed to go unpunished.

But I am told some believe we can compel them not to by threatening an expansion of military action to include conventional capabilities ans leadership control sites.

That’s true, I saw a couple reuniting and I saw a father and wife and sending their daughter off to the military. I almost cried at both sites.

Yeah he has several accounts and several sites up he blocks all Males and takes advantage on all females. When he"s called out he shuts down the account and opens up another on all social media sites besides 4 channels they banned him completely and are looking for him

Mark this down. Trump Putin planned to profit from 16 nuclear power plants in the Middle East. The U.S. taxpayer would pay for our military to secure the sites. Billions upon billions of laundered money. This will make all previous scandals look like a parkin" ticket.

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