Topics: Can a Marine officer and a Foreign Service Officer Relationship work?

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Студентка МГИМО Наталья Аверина одержала победу в международном налоговом конкурсе Young Tax Professional of the Year, финал которого состоялся в Амстердаме. В октябре Наталья стала победителем национального этапа конкурса, проходившего в России - участие в нем принимали более 1100 студентов и выпускников из 98 учебных заведений в 54 российских городах.

Конкурс Young Tax Professional of the Year - уникальная возможность для молодого поколения специалистов проявить себя на глобальном уровне. Налоговые службы компаний стремительно развиваются, появляются новые подходы в области оказания налоговых услуг, и мы надеемся, что все победители национальных этапов 2017 года получат необходимую мотивацию, чтобы стать настоящими лидерами в своей профессии.

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CEPBREXIT11. November 2017.The vote to leave the European Union (EU) was an unanticipated shock to the UK economy that increased uncertainty and reduced the country’s expected future openness to trade, investment and immigration with the EU. Our research examines the observed effect of the Brexit vote on UK living standards since the referendum, focusing on inflation and real wage effects.

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DAY 13 of the 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM AGAINST GENDER BASED VIOLENCE. Meet Superintendent Patricia Njawiri, National Coordinator of the VSU. She calls upon all members of the uniformed services to work together to stamp out GBV.

The seminar will be hosted by the University Of New South Wales and aims to outline the development of more effective institutional responses to disclosures of child sexual abuse. The seminar will also focus on how institutions reproduce or intersect with gender and other associated inequalities. More information and registration on the University of New South Wales website. Featured image: Blog type: NewsRelated content: Protection through participation

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I have one question and doubt, why still we are writing the letter to PM? All the technology were upgraded with fast services. But still writing letter, ( we can reach Delhi with in 2hrs nd meet request him directly ) nd hv Skype, emails.

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How can we improve participation in the Victorian public hospital system? Help us support better care and health outcomes by completing the survey by 18 December 2017

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