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Fred Smoot and Erin Hawksworth sit in for The Czabe. The Vegas Golden Knights have a great home ice advantage, will the Raiders have that when they get to Vegas? Plus, they go over their top sports stories of 2017, both locally and nationally.

Funny how these rich celebrities seem to flock to the Liberal altar, guess they’ve forgotten how hard the common men women work in this country. President Trump represents the will of the people, get used to it Babs.

Be exploited as a sex symbol, make lots of men rich from your image, change yourself to fit the ideals of the man you"re currently with, die depressed and alone.

Do you mean kill off or put into play?GOP"s nice list is corporate/rich donors!Corp welfare vs social welfare

Friend shared a post about 2 men arrested in the quadruple homicide in Troy, NY and the first thing I can think of is did she share it because the 2 were black? And would she share the story if they were white?

Omar Delgado, 45, Greater Orlando, Florida. Pulse nightclub shooting, June 12, 2016. It was well after midnight when Omar

A wave of spontaneous protests over Iran's weak economy swept into Tehran on Saturday, with college students and others chanting against the government just hours after hard-liners held their own rally in support of the Islamic Republic's clerical establishment. The demonstrations appear to be.

A 25-year-old man was in a Los Angeles jail on Saturday in connection with a prank call that resulted in the shooting death of an unarmed man by a Kansas police officer.

Buy her Of Mice of Men. She will cry when reading the end, but it will be a great lesson.

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Great! Should be making you president, not him. Also, evil rich Jews, not White men.

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Bill Maher made a hideous racist comment on HBO.He wasn’t fired. How about photog who set up took the photo? Anything happen to him? Did he lose his career? It’s the Dixie Chicks all over again. Women aren’t allowed to step out of line when it involves rich, powerful white men.