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So having a marriage not work out should be a disqualified. There goes over half the US don"t forget single moms too. Dumb remark.

I do not see the reason behind allowing same sex marriage to pass. I do not see how same sex couples are discriminated against legally. I

+ her husband are what people should look at for marriage goals both good/bad times but all love you fight for it not bolt

So you aren’t married until you have popped one out? And if you have, you are married whether or not you’ve met the marriage act requirement

My baby daddy want to marry me I told em im not in the mood for marriage right now

Marriage is the legal recognition of a relationship. Procreation is not a requirement.

Their marriage is the model of what I want mine and Clinton"s to be. I"m so glad we have them as role models, since his parents are not very

We are not in Saudi nor is Prophet around anymore. By passing such a judgement the child marriage restraint act and its amendment seems undermined

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