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ИММИГРАЦИЯ В КАНАДУ - Фирма Канадского Иммиграционного Адвоката Лорна Лихтенштейна.

Let your wild spirit run free once in a while.

I am a descendant of Anne LaPlante who was married to Pierre Bougie. I seem to have hit a stone wall.

Thank You
Jerry LaVenture

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In the 1950s and 1960s The USSR had huge jamming stations all over Eastern Europe to keep out US Radio Free Europe broadcasts. That is Twitter/Facebook/Google in the 21st century: it is the Soviet mind-set.

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Sadly, about the only information I have about my great-great-grandfather, Captain John Paton is a picture of him and my -great-great-grandmother, Annie. I do know that they had a daughter, Jessie Guild Paton, and she married John Cook who was an engineer with Stevenson & Cook Engineering in NZ.

What relation have you to Captain Paton? Looking forward to a reply and further discussion(s). - John Cook

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Joseph Dugre was my great grandfather. I believe he and my Grandfather Joseph Leo Amadee Dugre born April 15, 1911 lived on adjoining or shared property in Belchertown Mass. I have his citizenship document with his photo dated 6/9/41 and the prayer cards from his funeral which states he died on 10/18/1948.
I have some other documents also.

I am looking for information on Marie Claire Alice (Grise)Dugre born 12/11/33.
And Rhea Grise.

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