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What's a connected home? Smart home technologies can help you manage energy use, control lighting and heating, and can improve comfort, security and safety.

So put me oan the guest list for the hydro n brighten up this rainy glasgow night

Nah, wake me up when Animal Crossing is shown.

College is the sound of people coughing and people picking up and putting down their hydro flasks

Didn"t even realize that. Thanks for the heads up.

No worries Scot, Ontario Hydro is on its way! Glad to hear Miami got spared from the worst of it. Hope your family is holding up!

Wow talking emogi unicorns and turds. Facial recognition that tells the police where to arrest you. Other rights were giving up? Probley yes

Haha! Keep up what good work? How"s your hydro bill

Damn, about time. Tighten up.

AA investors should not take a sell-off lying down Former chairman appeared to be standing up for long-termism, if not for very long

People are going to think Ryan beats me. Meanwhile I kinda blacked out after my friends funeral and woke up at my parents house w this