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I had to walk from one office, across town to my home office today in a wind storm. When I got to home office someone actually said to me, “omg, what have you been doing???! Your hair!”

I would like a dating sim where you are the Punisher and you have seduce daredevil by taking him in numerous murder-dates

Just imagine fucking up someone who alteast reject 4 guys daily, , , dating a gorgeous lady is a full time job, absolutely no rest

A newly discovered dinosaur is so strange that scientists initially thought the fossil was fake after it was found in a dealer’s shop in France.

Someone should make a dating site for pedophiles and people suffering from Turners syndrome

Schools in two Canadian provinces will not be allowing students to participate in Operation Christmas Child due to the organization’s stance on LGBT issues.

Many restaurants in Beijing and across China have sold out of Taedonggang, a beer produced in Pyongyang, due to sanctions imposed on North Korea by the international community. What do you think? Read more.

Season two of Netflix's The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth II's reign from 1956 to 1963, where a modern British monarch deals with war and politics.

Throwback to when I tried out a dating site and it had a section “message me if-” and I wrote “-you can name at least three Dal Shabet songs”

Pack up and move forward not back. I did everything I can but time is not on my side. Dating gawe nalang para matapos na oh.

Volkswagen official Oliver Schmidt has been sentenced to seven years in prison and handed down a $400,000 fine. In August, the former Volkswagen manager in Michigan pleaded guilty for his role in the automaker s emission-cheating scheme. If you ll re.

Netsuke are tiny carved figurines used to secure the cord of a purse or container to the sash of a kimono. Carved by Japanese artists from materials such as ivory and wood, netsuke reflect many aspects of Japan's culture, with some representing simple objects and others depicting entire scenes from history and folklore. First invented in the 17th century, the practical yet artistic items are still produced today. Why did the Japanese need to attach containers to their robes in the first place? Discuss

Ladies, if he doesn’t lift you pin you against the wall during sex, my dear you dating a girlfriend.