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Like I love kids and not opposed to dating a man with kids but I ain’t dealing with any baby mama/ex drama at all. If y’all got unfinished business cool. Just keep me out of it lmao

It’s funny when people think dating older is a definite answer. Same with dating a different race as a “solution” date a person for 2 months bragging about how younger people and other races are trash then that 3rd month be a horror story lmao you can try stuff out w/o hating

Also feeling like dating will never work out for me and that I am undesirable etc.

I’ve never used tinder or any of those dating sites they creep me out

I shouldn"t post my frustrations on Twitter cause y"all out here thinking I"m dating Jody

Listen to “Kate Steinle, Trump’s “Wins,” Non-Virgin Purge, and Meghan Markle” on Spreaker. From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most mainstream mid-week news program. Panelists Richard Spencer, Gregory Ritter, Don Camillo, and Hannibal Bateman discuss: 1) Will Kate Steinle’s tragedy inspire Trump to finally build the wall? 2) Trump gets some “wins,” while a Damoclean sword hangs over his head. 3) Sexual-assault allegations are omnipresent and cascading—will any non-virgin survive the purge? And finally, 4) Meghan Markle, the American mulatto who would be queen.

  • ‘My announcement marks the beginning of a new approach to the conflict’
  • World leaders say Trump’s decision likely to inflame tensions
Donald Trump has defied overwhelming global opposition by declaring US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but insisted that the highly controversial move would not derail his own administration’s bid to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.In remarks delivered in the diplomatic reception room of the White House, Trump called his decision “a long overdue” step to advance the peace process. Continue reading.

People would save a lot of time dating if they just handed out resumes.

Oh they are open for dating maybe i will look out for that ~

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If nothing else I feel I’m providing the world with the hilarity of me trying out online dating.