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Orlando Bloom gave his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr , who is engaged to Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel , some serious props on Mother's Day.

The Brit posted an Instagram of his 6-year-old son, Flynn Bloom , when he saw an ad featuring his model mom while in China. Of course, he did what any son of a celeb would do he hugged it!

Along with the adorbs photo, Orly wrote, "Came across this billboard in China while he was visiting me on set he loves his mum and what's not to love she's a wonderful mother a great friend and co parent so blessed and grateful @mirandakerr #happymothersday."

My sister just asked me if Cas and Dean are dating

If I was dating myself, I would surprise myself with Starbucks every morning and it would be adorable.

She’s adorable Marie~

My grandpas dating stories are adorable

I think it"s realistic: things you found quirky/adorable at first aren"t always that way later; the idea that we present our best selves when dating then the real you comes out; finally, working on YOURSELF when you"re frustrated w/ your Aspie spouse. ( I"ve been w/ mine 33 yrs )

I"m thankful for my cousin because she"s dating and he got her a puppy and that puppy is super cute and adorable and Claire"s sc story is always filled with that puppy and it"s great

I"ve just woke up and I"m blushed as hell cuz I dreamed I was dating Joel. Stupid adorable boy. *Hides under the blankets*

I love so much. Never watched Made in Chelsea, but after watching her on Celebs Go Dating, she’s just adorable