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It's 11:30 p.m. on a Thursday , and Silicon Valley has gone quiet for the night. The streets are largely empty, the corporate campuses dark. But in a sea of vacant office parks, the lights are on in a squat and entirely unnoteworthy building in Sunnyvale, California — and the parking lot is packed full.

Inside, scores of Apple engineers are huddled around, chattering about server loads. A collection of monitors is mounted on the wall, flashing charts, numbers, and graphs. Preorders for Apple's newly announced iPhone 8 are about to begin, and this is the company's "war room" — mission control for a massive one-night retail operation that sees a deluge of sales. Everyone is dressed comfortably for an all-nighter, yellow security bands on their wrists — everyone, that is, except Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail. She’s running the show.

At midnight, the war room's server activity chart ticks abruptly from green to red under a flood of incoming iPhone orders. On the wall, blinking red lights begin flashing across a digital world map with a concentrated flurry of activity in China and South Asia. Then a cheer erupts. Someone from the merchandising team made the winning bet on transactions per second. Apple won’t disclose how many orders came through that night (the company hasn’t published actual preorder numbers for the past two years). But it’s a lot.

For all those half way thru your 14th show of the day - just remember, it pays the tax bill. It pays the tax bill. Mwah. X

If you don"t like that he doesn"t like it, leave. Don"t let the door hit you on the way out.

It’s a good skill to know ASAP during a date if a girl’s interest in you is flagging, so that you can turn it around before her vaj has completely folded in on itself and disappeared into a Labiarity. The interim between inquisitive petaling vaj and inimical imploding vaj is shorter than inexperienced men realize. […]

The way an electric car is charged, something the Ford brand is largely unaware of.

I miss the way you smile at me.

thanks for sharing your experiences with me bro, it must be a bad situation to be in for yourself, to not be able to do anything to help a family member.

I doubt I will ever vote Liberal again. You have some fine people but way too many RW nut jobs. I just didn"t realise how many until the so-called marriage debate in parliament. I was so pleased when you ousted Tony, but you have shown yourself to be weak.

Why is he being shunted out of the way right now?

That"s the way laaaaaa

Building trust while dating online is crucial to the relationship. Trust is critical in the first stages of an online relationship because there is a limited amount of communication. With all of the scams on the internet, it's normal to feel a certain way about meeting people online.

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Can"t always expect me to protect, don"t judge the way I do things. Just remember there is always a different path that people don"t want you to know about. Sometime the choices that are made or for the right reason.

Everyone wants money, yet discussing it within the parameters of a relationship can be intimidating. When handled incorrectly, finances can crumble a romantic partnership but when done in tandem, the right money conversations can go a long way. That looks different for different people, though. Welcome to Money Talks, AskMen s series on the relationship between our money and our relationships.

I guess the reason why my nails are so weak is because I clawed my way up from hell

If Poland knows what"s good for it, British plugs are the way to go. Lovely country with lots of common sense. Let"s unite.

The way girls change wigs these days you can"t get upset if I don"t recognise you on a night out