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Goodell's handling of Deflategate turned around owners still simmering over Spygate; some say he is now more secure in his job.

Behind closed doors, Goodell addressed what he called "the elephant in the room" and, according to sources at the meeting, turned over the floor to Robert Kraft. Then 66, the billionaire Patriots owner stood and apologized for the damage his team had done to the league and the public's confidence in pro football. Kraft talked about the deep respect he had for his 31 fellow owners and their shared interest in protecting the NFL's shield. Witnesses would later say Kraft's remarks were heartfelt, his demeanor chastened. For a moment, he seemed to well up.

Then the Patriots' coach, Bill Belichick, the cheating program's mastermind, spoke. He said he had merely misinterpreted a league rule, explaining that he thought it was legal to videotape opposing teams' signals as long as the material wasn't used in real time. Few in the room bought it. Belichick said he had made a mistake -- "my mistake."

If there’s anything I dislike about new york its the winter its that cold u go numb at times freeze the ballix clean of ya lol

It’s so cold in New York City my fingers are so numb

My friend , vocalist of the Hard Rock / Metal band of Long Island ( southeast of New York ) Criminal Syndicate. For lovers of this musical genre say that they will enjoy it. I keep his Numb theme from his album Senses.

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Ireland beating Italy in the 1994 World Cup in New York.

A TERMINALLY ill boy, who was once comforted by Prince Harry, is filmed shedding a single tear as he listens to an Ed Sheeran song because he can no longer sing. Ollie Carroll, six, was videoed by his mum Lucy as he listened to the Christmas number one after undergoing a brain transfusion at Great […]

На счёт остальных лотерей не знаю, сколько там можно выиграть, но в Русском лото я по 1000-5 000 тысяч в месяц выигрываю. Иногда конечно и больше бывает,а иногда и меньше, но всегда суммы с тремя нулями)

Здравствуйте ! Я в вашу лотерею играю уже 16 лет и за эти года я выиграл 18 раз. 10 раз по 60 рублей и 8 раз по 117 рублей.Я очень сильный болельщик вашей лотереи. Может быть и мне когда нибудь фортуна подвернется, а ведь мне скоро 60. Надеюсь что Русское лото подарит мне что нибудь на память. Да я знаю что мечтать не вредно но я всетоки надеюсь. Большое вам спасибо

My grandma thought it was a good idea to go out to lunch after my dentist appointment. my mouth was completely numb, and i kept drooling all over myself

Лингво-лаборатория Амальгама: перевод текста песни Numb группы Linkin Park

Hey I"m on the 11.37 from Preston to York and it"s absolutely BALTIC. I think my toes are going numb

I couldn’t even finish pumping my gas because my hands went numb from how cold it is. New York is cancelled